ZOOM=ORPH was commissioned by the New Vic Theatre in Stoke on Trent as part of their "Behold" festival, exploring the viking treasure known as the Staffordshire Hoard.  
You can watch my animation above, it's a loop so don't panic if you can't concentrate for too long, it's not as long as the running time says it is.  

I've been developing a new way of working, trying to make animation on my own without any assistants or collaborators as a way to develop the film as an improvisation - I worked out what the looping |  zooming | morphing elements would be in advance so I would know where to aim for in a scene.  I recorded the music first, making a series of loops of different lengths that would be laid over each other creating different combinations of notes and chords as they aligned in different formations and basing it on the idea of 8 sections to give me sound markers to aim at hitting with the pictures. 

I didn't do any storyboards or rough versions, I've been interested in what happens if you can try to capture your earliest stages of sponteneity, I'd begun to notice on earlier projects that the storyboards or rough sketches (which I was feeling were usually mostly made for other people to look at) had a lot more life than the end result.  

here are some stills from the film:  (click to enlarge)

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