selection of recent work

April 2017 - Lonesome - stopmotion music for Sivu

September 2016 - March 2017
- making animations, puppets and directing The Iron Man for the Unicorn Theatre, Southwark

December 2016  - performs The Matthew Robins Christmas Show at Grow Elephant Garden, and The Theatre Royal, Bath

August 2016 - makes video Animation is Fun for Unicorn Theatre education department

July 2016 - writes songs with Tom Wells for Broken Biscuits, tours through Autumn 2016

June 2016  - Come What May - stopmotion music video for Hope and Social

May 2016 - sandwich board painting for Tropics Cafe at Grow Elephant

April 2016  - writes song Crossrail 360 for BBC video project

March 2016 - temporary hoarding for Grow Elephant Community Garden

December 2015 - performs new songs on BBC radio show CLICK

December 2015 - performs The Matthew Robins Christmas Show at the Lyric Theatre, Bridport

October 2015
 - performs The Matthew Robins Show at the London Suspense Festival

October 2015  - Bluebottle performed at the Derry Choral Festival

October 2015 - performs The Matthew Robins Show at the Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival

October 2015 - made opening animations for The Special Relationship's Moby Dick Unabridged readings at the Southbank Centre, London

June 2015 - ZOOM=ORPH - animation commissioned by the New Vic Theatre, Stoke on Trent, for the Behold festival . . watch it here

April - May 2015 - animations and music videos for Kid Carpet and the Noisy Neighbours, Egg Theatre - Theatre Royal Bath, and touring

March 2015 - animations for The Secret Garden, directed by Alysha Haran, Toyko

January 2015 -  filming My Lovely Wolf -  a music video, with Oliver Morphett 

December 2014 - Matthew creates and performs live silhouette animations for Hansel and Gretel with the Orchestra of the National Concert Hall, Dublin

November 2014 - Bluebottle premieres at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre, Dublin.  Music by Brian Irvine, Words by John McIlduff and live animation by Matthew Robins

November 2014 - A Most Peculiar Wintry Thing opens at The Ark in Dublin and then tours.  Music by Brian Irvine, Words by John McIlduff and live animation by Matthew Robins

November 2014 -  
The Information Age gallery opens at the Science Museum, London.  Animations, music, puppets and other things in the Cable storybox made by Matthew Robins

September 2014  - made a sequence for David Huntsburger's Animated Stand-up Special.  

June 2014 - animated sequences created for Phil Collins' Tomorrow is Always Too Long, commissioned by the Common Guild for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games

 - Something Very Far Away continues touring, including Paris and Australia.

March 2014 - completed Peter, Lily and the Nose - stop-motion silhouette film, for Dumbworld and Northern Ireland Screen

March 2014
- created stop-motion animated music video for Led Bib - New Teles

(from August 2013  - ongoing)
designing and building new exhibition installation for The Science Museum, London

November - December 2013 - designed and performed live shadow puppet selections for The Nutcracker for the RTE orchestra.

March - October 2013
- designed and made stop-motion animations and projection backgrounds for the Tori Amos musical, The Light Princess, opened at the National Theatre, October 2013, click here to see stuff

December 2012
- The Little Match Girl Passion, by David Lang.  Matthew Robins live animation commissioned by Opera North Projects.  

The Little Match Girl Passion
tours with I Fagiolini

June 2012
Something Very Far Away, by Matthew Robins and Mark Arends opens at the Unicorn Theatre, Southwark. Look at Matthew's design sketches here . . . .
WINNER of 2012 Off West-End Theatre Awards, Best Production for Young People
nominated for 2012 TMA awards, Best Show for Young People
March 2012 - Matthew remakes Jurassic Park out of biscuits . . watch Biscuit Jurassic Park here . . .

Matthew and his band perform at the Little Angel Theatre

December 2011 –
Flyboy is alone again this Christmas opens at Howard Assembly Room, for Opera North

August  2011 – London Zoo / Pestival commission new installation, Roboinsects. a science-fiction cardboard fantasy, have a look here and make your own insect . . .

July 2011 – workshops The Light Princess at the National Theatre, a new musical by Tori Amos and Sam Adamson, directed by Marianne Elliott, designed by Rae Smith

June 2011  – Lullaby commissioned by the Barbican, produced by Duckie, music written and performed by Matthew Robins.

May 2011 -performs Rain Falling Up for the closing night gala at the Aosta International Choral festival, Italy

April 2011
- Matthew and his band perform live at the BFI, London

March 2011 - Matthew and his band perform 2 sell-out nights at the Little Angel Theatre

February 2011 - Matthew and his band perform at the Manipulate puppet festival in Edinburgh

January 2011 - Matthew and his band perform at the Tate Britain, for Late at Tate

December 2010 - Flyboy is alone again this Christmas premieres at the Barbican Pit theatre and runs for three weeks.  

new show Gorgets & Bistouries commissioned by the Hunterian Museum, in collaboration with Elaine Duigenan, premieres at the Royal College of Surgeons

Matthew's live album, Noah's Ark, is released.

November 2010 - Beauty and the Beast opens at the National Theatre, directed by Katie Mitchell,  shadow puppet sequences by Matthew Robins.  click here to see some pictures

October 2010 - Matthew and his band record a live album, Noah's Ark, at the People Show studios in East London.  You can download it from iTunes or Amazon.

Postcards from Dumbworld premieres at the Belfast Opera House
August 2010 - creates new shadow puppets for Postcards from Dumbworld, a new opera

June 2010 - Matthew premieres two new shows at the Barbican Art Gallery, as part of "Surreal House" -  InsectOpera: the Windy Day and AlienSilentMovie.

Matthew performs The Death of Flyboy & other stories at the Barbican’s "101 Things to Do" launch party

April 2010 - residency at BAC for the Scratch Festival, Matthew and his band present 3 nights of Sad Lucy: a fish opera, written in collaboration with Viviane Schwarz

Matthew and his band perform at the Little Angel Theatre

March 2010 - Matthew and his band perform at the London Word Festival, a candle-lit show in St. Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch, with Ian McMillan, Daniel Kitson and Terry Saunders

Matthew collaborates with composer Brian Irvine and writer John McIlduff to make live animations for Rain Falling Up, a modern oratorio for children.  Premiere performance at the Waterfront, Belfast, with the Ulster Orchestra. 

Matthew plays guitar on stage for first time ever, at Duckie, watch the video here.

February 2010 - Matthew and his band perform at the Manipulate festival in Edinburgh,as part of Puppet Grinder Cabaret.

Matthew and his band perform at Duckie's Valentine's ball at B.A.C.

Matthew creates two new shows for the Yarn Festival; Biscuit Jurassic Park for Movies in Minutes, and chapters 11 & 12 of The Odyssey for Four Stories High.

December 2009 - Matthew is in residence at Battersea Arts Centre, and begins work on a new show, Sad Lucy - a fish opera, lyrics by Viviane Schwarz. See a video here of The Deal.

October 2009 - Matthew and his band open the 2009 Bath International Puppet Festival performing The Death of Flyboy and Other Stories

September 2009
- Matthew performs episodes from The Death of Flyboy at Wilton's Music Hall, for Stranger than Paradise's 6th birthday celebration shows.

August 2009 - World premiere of the Sarah Alexander Arts commission Cabin Doors To Manual
Matthew Robins' Science Fiction Double Feature continues at the National Theatre.  New shows each week include:

Nosferatu & Me (watch the video here)
Flyboy and the Haunted Horse
Walter Knitty
Cabin Doors to Manual
Mothboy goes to the Moon
Matthew Robins vs. The Eyeders

as well as
The Wicker Cat  (watch the video here)
Flyboy goes to the Butchers
Flyboy and the Pigeons
The Frozen Wolf

performs Flyboy and the Robot at Clumber Park, for the House of Fairytales

July 2009 - opening night of Matthew Robins' Science Fiction Double Feature at the National Theatre; Matthew screens the first performance of Flyboy and the Robot.

remakes films and screens them at Duckie's Gay Shame goes Girlie . . . watch them here:

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
The Wizard of Oz
The Little Mermaid