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puppet films, animations and other stories

Here are some recent film commissions, and also some storyboards and concept art, and some making-of photos.  There are some more sketches somewhere but they are in the loft and I couldn't find them today when I had a look.

Most of my films are quite hand-made, and so I usually tend to do most of the things in them, like making the puppets and writing the music.
Where other people have worked on it with me I've added their names below.  

Peter, Lily and the Nose
Peter, Lily and the Nose

I am currently working on a stop-motion silhouette animation, written by John McIlduff (words) and Brian Irvine (music), and commissioned by Dumbworld.
For updates you can watch my video diaries and read my blog.  

mein lieberscwahn
mein lieber schwan

written by Matthew Robins, inspired by Mein Lieber Schwan from Lohengrin by Richard Wagner.
lighting and picture edit by Deborah May, puppetry by Tim Spooner.
Mein Lieber Schwan performed by Hermann Jadlowker, 1914.
Commissioned by Opera North Projects, 2011

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clockwork ark
Clockwork Ark

written by Matthew Robins, with additional story support by Mark Arends.
lighting and picture edit by Deborah May, puppetry by Tim Spooner and Donald Choi, additional sound by John Avery
commissioned and produced by Arts Admin / Xenoki, as part of What on Earth?
supported by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Arts Council, 2011

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biscuit jurassic park
biscuit jurassic park
I re-made my favourite film out of biscuits.
puppetry by Tim Spooner and Taylor Finch, and Will Connor plays drums, 2012        

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barbican trailer winter 2010
barbican winter trailer

camera and edit by Megan Price, lighting by Declan Randell, puppetry by Tim Spooner.
commissioned by the Barbican Arts Centre, 2010

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wally on the run
Wally on the Run

I made this film as an entry for Steve Martin's competition for his first banjo album.  I didn't win.
camera by Megan Price, 2010

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