Peter, Lily and the Nose
Peter, Lily and the Nose is a stop-motion silhouette film.  Animation by Matthew Robins, music by Brian Irvine, words by John McIlduff and produced by Dumbworld.
I finished this film during March 2014, after working on it inbetween other projects for about two years.  
PLN-bike PLN_kids_running PLN_dream
I made a few video diaries during the process.  This was my first animated film, I took a break from it to make The Light Princess films and The Little Match Girl Passion, and then my garden got smashed up and it depressed me, and then got Lawrence and Emma (who helped me make the Light Princess animations) to help me finish this film.   So you can watch these video diaries and see me trying to work out how to make films and see what's been going on in my life . . .

The animation started off as a short piece for Dumbworld's opera "Postcards from Dumbworld" - I made some shadow puppets which were performed live on stage.  
postcards from dumbworld

Here's a test film I made before I started this project to see if it would be a good idea.  If you haven't seen the film you might think it all looks like this, a bit jerky, and creaky . . it is a little bit like this, but I improved my animating over the couple of years that this process lasted.